Stay active on your schedule

Add movement to your daily tasks, like doing a few knee lifts while you brush your teeth. It only takes a few minutes to add activity to your day to help manage stress and improve your overall health.

Let's Move

Short on time? Try for short walks

Whether it's taking the stairs at work or taking a lap around the field when your kids are at practice, small bursts of activity add up to big health benefits. No gym membership or fancy equipment required. Just you, your sneakers and a few minutes to spare.

Tips to move more

Hot outside?

Try walking earlier or later in the day when it's not as hot outside, or try a lap or two around the mall.

Take the stairs

When you have the option, take the stairs at work, school, your apartment building, the mall, the movie theater, etc.

Just a little further

When the weather's nice, park three spots further away from your destination or gett off the bus one stop early. Adding just 5-10 minutes of extra walking each day adds up to a full hour each week.

Use today's family activity to boost future fitness

You have a big impact on your kids' lives, especially their health. By staying active, you show them the importance of moving their bodies and helping them form healthy habits.

Together time = exercise time

Make your family time more active. Take a walk around the neighborhood, or embrace your playful side and start a game of tag, capture the flag or catch. Change up the activity to fit the season.

Set goals and stay motivated

Create friendly competitions. See who can do the most jumping jacks or pushups. Goals add excitement and inspire each family member to push themselves further.

Do what moves your family

Make exercising something you look forward to. Whether it's dancing, soccer, swimming, or playing games like hopscotch or the floor is lava, find fun activities your family likes.

Get tasty tips to eat healthy

Great job! You’ve got your family moving. Now, take it a step further by making some simple and delicious mealtime changes that your whole family will love.