Get healthy tips that work for you with Good Food, Good Move

Creating new healthy habits does not have to be difficult. Good Food, Good Move can help you with tips to find the time, budget and energy you need. Get started and see how simple health tips can have big benefits for you and your family.


Healthy Living

With busy days, healthier routines can happen by planning ahead to help you fit more physical activity into your busy life, whether it's an extra walk or having a dance contest with your kids.

Less time to cook? No problem

Get tips on creating snacks and meals that are quick, affordable and full of flavor. Plus, find new cooking ideas for frozen produce and save time prepping.

Get moving!

You can find time to exercise by making simple changes to your routine. We'll help you find fun ways to be active, like taking a lap around the house while you wait for the microwave.

Make meals that are filling and flavorful

Does your family like food that's sweet, savory or spicy? Making everyone happy can be a challenge, but we can show you how to use frozen produce to change up your favorite meals and add inspiration with new recipes.

Find a quick and tasty frozen favorite

Frozen veggies are healthy and make meals taste great and they're easy to toss into a dish you're already making. Find a new recipe below to try out.

  • Low sodium
  • Low Sugar
  • Vegetarian

Cherry Pineapple Delight

Make this refreshing dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Low sodium
  • Low Sugar

Oven-Fried Fish

Oven-fried fish is delicious and full of vitamins.
  • 15 minutes or less
  • Low sodium
  • Low Sugar

Honey Mustard Pork Chops

Pork chops are a good lean meat choice. This recipe needs only four ingredients!

Want more recipe ideas?

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Test Your Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Knowledge

Answer three quick questions to see what you know.

Walking can be included into your busy schedule

Try these tips to fit a quick walk into your day.

Get more activity ideas.

Take a few more strides

Add more steps to your day by parking a few spaces further away or getting off the bus one stop earlier than usual.

Turn phone calls into walks

Catch up with a loved one while getting your heart rate up. Walk around the house or up and down the stairs.

Make playtime exercise time

Get the kids involved. See who can do the most sit-ups or jumping jacks or who can win a friendly race.

Join us for the very first Healthy Texan Week

Mark your calendars! Between June 10 and 16, all across Texas, we'll be helping families eat healthier at hands-on events. Get ideas for low-cost, time-friendly tips that serve up fruits and veggies in a way your family will love.

Are you eligible for SNAP? Find out!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps people buy the food they need. SNAP food benefits are put on a Lone Star Card and can be used just like a debit card at any store that accepts SNAP.

Check your eligibility